Millennium of Music

Millennium of Music is the world’s longest running program featuring early music.  Host and producer Robert Aubry Davis regularly presents music from major European music festivals which can be heard weekly on radio stations throughout the United States.

What began as a local Sunday morning program on WJCT-FM in Jacksonville, Florida, moved to WETA in 1978, when Davis returned to his home town of Washington, DC.  At that time, Program Director Martin Goldsmith suggested that the idea of a genuine early music program, with much emphasis on Gregorian chant, would be appropriate for Easter. The program began as a regular part of the schedule on Easter Sunday in 1980. The next visionary to touch the program was Mary Beth Kirchner, a producer brought on board to help create national programming, who believed in the inevitability of taking the program to a wider audience.


Category: Early Music
Duration: 1-hour / 59:00
Frequency: 52-part

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