WFMT Orchestra Series

Including LA Philharmonic, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, and more

Coming up in Fall 2022, we are delighted to announce the next orchestra partner in the newly-launched WFMT Orchestra Series! This new series began with the Los Angeles Philharmonic (Summer), and continues with the acclaimed Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (Fall). Later this season, there will be a new to-be-announced orchestra for the Winter quarter, and the San Francisco Symphony will join the WFMT Orchestra Series in Spring 2023. The WFMT Orchestra Series is a continuous, year-round series; however, since each orchestra partner has a year-long air window, you are able to air previous episodes at another time of year if you prefer. This Fall, for example, you would be able to air the LA Philharmonic broadcasts that released in the Summer—just get in touch and we’d be happy to walk you through how to do so.

The WFMT Orchestra Series continues in Fall 2022 with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, presenting an exceptional set of 13 concert broadcasts. The series begins with Music Director Ken-David Masur leading a program featuring Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and Duke Ellington’s New World A-Comin’ with Aaron Diehl at the piano. The broadcast also includes Eric Nathan’s Opening and James B. Wilson’s Green Fuse, and closes with Stravinsky’s suite from The Firebird. Other highlights of the series include:

  • Andrea Delfs conducts a gorgeous program featuring Olga Kern in Grieg’s Concerto in A minor for Piano and Orchestra, with Wagner’s “Siegfried’s Rhine Journey” from Götterdämmerung, Humperdinck’s Orchestral Suite for Hansel and Gretel, and Sarah Kirkland Snider’s Something for the Dark. (22-03)
  • William Eddins takes the podium for a concert presenting Nino Rota’s Concerto Per Archi and Respighi’s The Fountains of Rome, coming to a stunning climax with violinist Karen Gomyo performing Shostakovich’s Concerto No. 1 in A minor. (22-04)
  • Pianist Jorge Federico Osorio performs Mozart’s Concerto No. 23 with Ken-David Masur at the podium, complemented by Bruckner’s awe-inspiring seventh symphony. (22-08)
  • A fantastic program full of exceptional conductors and the too-rarely heard saxophone! Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson’s Sinfonietta No. 1 for Strings conducted by Yaniv Dinur begins the program, with Harris’s Symphony No. 3 in One Movement and Hanson’s Romantic Symphony No. 2 conducted by Thomas Wilkins. Also featured are two excellent soloists: Timothy McAllister performs Schulhoff’s Hot Sonata for Alto Saxophone, and violinist Ilana Setapen plays Bolcom’s Concerto in D with Ken-David Masur at the podium. (22-09)
  • Pianist Alessio Bax joins Ruth Reinhardt and the orchestra for Brahms’s second piano concerto in B-flat major. Also included are Wennakoski’s Flounce and Dvořák’s Symphony No. 5 in F major. (22-11)
  • And many more fantastic performances! See the complete listings for all details.

The WFMT Orchestra Series continues in the winter with a new, to-be-announced orchestra! Stay tuned for more information this fall.

The WFMT Orchestra Series is a year-round series that combines LA Phil, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, and more. Each episode is intended to be broadcast the week it releases, but some exceptions can be made for stations that wish to air an orchestra later in the year. Contact us for details.




Category: Orchestras
Duration: 2-hour / 1:58:30
Frequency: 52-part
Availability: 06/21/2022 - 06/20/2023

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  • Host: Various (Brian Lauritzen, Lori Skelton, Rik Malone, George Preston)
  • Producer: Various
  • Executive Producer: George Preston