Early Music Now with Sara Schneider

Early Music Now with Sara Schneider is a one-hour program showcasing music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and early Baroque: from sonorous medieval chant and polyphony to delightful renaissance madrigals, dances, and consort music to magnificent baroque cantatas and keyboard music.

Host and producer Sara Schneider brings knowledge, charm, and passion to her presentation of seven hundred years of music history. From the latest recordings by today’s vibrant young ensembles, to classics from the dawn of the early music revival, Early Music Now makes this repertoire accessible and enjoyable to a wide audience.

Highlights from the Summer Quarter 2018 include:

  • A program on Italian Delights, featuring instrumental works by Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli and 17th century love songs performed by fantastic tenor Marco Beasley. (18-02, releasing July 2)
  • This Place is a Zoo! A playful program on portrayals of animals in early music, from dogs, horses, donkeys, frogs, and even a flea! Including performances of Josquin’s El Grillo; Orlando Gibbons’ The Silver Swan, and more! (18-09, releasing August 20)
  • Thomas Tallis, Giovanni Gabrieli, and Alessandro Striggio were masters of the choral arts–From Four to Forty in Sixty Minutes explores music for four, eight, twelve, sixteen, and FORTY separate voices! (18-10, releasing August 27)
  • Some familiar melodies in different settings–hits and covers have been around for centuries! Listen to melodies that were used and reused in different settings by early music composers, including Tandernaken, La Spagna, and La Follia, performed by Piffaro, Fretwork, and Hesperion XXI in I’ve Heard That One Before. (18-05, releasing July 23)
  • Birdsong has captivated composers’ imaginations for ages, and the music in Early Birds celebrates the many melodies that incorporate or are inspired by the musicality of birdsong, including Biber’s Sonata Representativa and Vivaldi’s Flute Concerto in D Major (subtitled “Il Gardellino” — the Goldfinch), with performances by Ricercar Consort, the Academy of Ancient Music, and more! (18-12, releasing September 10)

About the Host, Sara Schneider

After studying musicology at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Michigan native Sara Schneider put her love of music to work at Classical 89.5, KMFA in Austin, Texas; first as an announcer and producer, and subsequently as Music Director until 2014. From 2014 to 2016, Sara lived in Lübeck, Germany, where she researched and authored a novel, The Eagle and the Songbird.

Sara has interviewed numerous early music luminaries, including Ton Koopman, Anonymous 4, Jordi Savall, and the late Gustav Leonhardt. She is a two-time Gracie Award® winner: in 2011 she received the award for her program Michael Nyman: Motion and Emotion, and in 2018 for Her Name Shall Endure, a program about medieval woman of letters Christine de Pizan.

Sara serves on the board of Texas Early Music Project. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, hiking, and writing historical fiction, and she recently completed a teacher training program in Kundalini Yoga.



Category: Early Music
Duration: 1-hour / 58:30
Frequency: 52-part
Availability: 06/25/2018 - 06/24/2019

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  • Producer/Host: Sara Schneider of Classical 89.5 KMFA