The WFMT Radio Network is committed to making great cultural radio reach across international borders and we partner with dozens of stations around the world to exchange audio and collaborate on projects.

The WFMT Radio Network is an active member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the world’s leading alliance of public service broadcasting organizations from more than 50 European countries, with affiliate members from elsewhere in the world.

European Broadcasting Union logo

In 2015, the WFMT Radio Network also became a member of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.

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The WFMT Radio Network has also forged partnerships with a variety of other classical and arts radio stations around the global, most notably in China, with:

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The WFMT Radio Network also exchanges programs with radio stations in countries such as Australia, Dubai, and the Philippines. Below are some of our international partners through the EBU, ABU and independent agreements:

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  • NHK logo
  • Radio France logo
  • Radio New Zealand logo
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