WFMT Radio Network Opera Series Overview

The 2023 season of the WFMT Radio Network Opera Series, featuring remarkable performances from renowned opera houses worldwide, has gracefully reached its conclusion. As one curtain falls, another rises, and the excitement for the upcoming 2024 season is already building. Stay connected for upcoming details, set to be unveiled in the coming year.

We extend our sincere gratitude for your participation in this exceptional season of operatic masterpieces from across the globe. Your support in the WFMT Radio Network Opera Series has been invaluable. We eagerly anticipate sharing more sublime performances with you in the seasons ahead.

Designed to complement the Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts, the WFMT Radio Network Opera Series kicks off the week after the MET season concludes and concludes the week before the MET’s season begins. The 2024 WFMT Opera Series is scheduled to begin in June 2024.

Stay tuned for the next season of the WFMT Opera Series, with more information set to be released in 2024!


Category: Operas
Duration: 2-hour / Varies by Opera
Frequency: Flexible
Availability: 06/17/2023 - 12/02/2023

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