Collectors’ Corner with Henry Fogel

After the huge success of The Callas Legacy and The Art of Wilhelm Furtwängler, Henry Fogel returned with Collectors’ Corner with Henry Fogel. Mr. Fogel had the following thoughts: “The series will present a wide range of recordings that I feel are true classics of the industry. Recordings to be included will feature either unusual repertoire that I feel deserves a wider public, or performances unique in their interpretive profile, sense of commitment, and intensity. Many of these recordings will be long out-of-print, or hard to locate in the United States.”

The series includes a broad range of orchestral, vocal, chamber and solo-instrumental music.

Host Henry Fogel has held many important and influential posts in the classical music world, including being appointed to the position of Executive Director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in August 1985 until resigning from his position as President in 2003.  In addition to his work as host, Henry Fogel’s radio experience includes a stint as former Vice President and Program Director of radio station WONO in Syracuse, New York, where he conceived the first radio fundraising marathon for an orchestra, a format which has become popular throughout the United States and Canada.  Mr. Fogel has acted as producer and broadcast host for over 100 radiothons for some 26 different orchestras.  The radiothon concept has raised in total over $60 million for orchestras on this continent since Mr. Fogel started the concept in 1968.

A native of New York City, and a passionate Chinese cook, Henry Fogel received his education at Syracuse University, and studied for three years under Virginia Lee, author of the New York Times Chinese Cookbook.  He and his wife Frances have a son, Karl, and a daughter, Holly, and four grandchildren.


Category: Music Appreciation
Duration: 2-hour / 1:58:00
Frequency: 52-part
Availability: 03/18/2024 - 03/17/2025

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