The WFMT Radio Network provides services for radio stations and arts organizations around the country and the world. Services for stations centered around program offerings and delivery include technical support, schedule consultations, customized promos, and more. Services for arts partners centered around production, marketing and/or syndication include detailed carriage reports, listenership data, international distribution, and other services. Click on the links below to navigate to either the Station Portal (information for radio stations) or Arts Partners (information for arts organizations).

Station Portal

Information about how the WFMT Radio Network works with stations, including details on becoming an Affiliate, our paid programs, additional materials, and more.

Arts Partners

Information about the WFMT Radio Network works with our Arts Partners, including a sampling of the types of organizations we work with, how to become an Arts Partner, and more.

Technical Support

We’re here to help! Here you can find video tutorials, how-to guides, and answers to some common technical issues. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can also contact our technical support staff.