Sandra Cordova Micek
President & Chief Executive Officer

Jill Britton
Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer

Anne Gleason
Senior Vice President of Marketing & Digital Media

George Preston
Vice President and General Manager, WFMT

Julie Dillon
Vice President of Development

Jitin Garg
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Kathy Kielar
Vice President of Development

Timothy Russell
Vice President of Community Engagement and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Derrick Young
Vice President of Technology

Board of Trustees Leadership

David C. Blowers

Chris Abbinante
Vice Chair

John L. Brennan
Vice Chair

Renée Crown
Vice Chair

Mark A. Hoppe
Vice Chair

James H. Wooten, Jr.
Vice Chair

Cary D. McMillan

Sandra Cordova Micek
President and Chief Executive Officer

WFMT Radio Network Committee

Daniel Levin, Chair
Loretta Julian, Vice Chair
Duffie Adelson
William Brown
Renee Crown
Howard Dubin
Henry Fogel
Gary Johnson
James Rosenbloom
Shirley Ryan
Bruce Sagan
Robert Silver