Reese Marcusson
Interim CEO

Jill Britton
Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Anne Gleason
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Interactive Media

Board of Trustees

Mr. James W. Mabie

Mr. Cary D. McMillan

Mr. John L. Brennan
Vice Chairman

Mrs. Renée Crown
Vice Chairman

The Honorable Fay Hartog Levin
Vice Chairman

98.7 WFMT and WFMT Radio Network Committee

Daniel Levin, Chair
Duffie Adelson
William Brown
Michelle Collins
Renee Crown
Sally Feder
Henry Fogel
Ray Frick
Marvin Goldsmith
Richard Gray
Joan W. Harris
Gary Johnson
Michael McCaskey
James Rosenbloom
Shirley Ryan
Bruce Sagan
Robert Silver