Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin

Bill McGlaughlin

Heard on radio stations across the country for more than a decade, Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin is a creative exploration of classical music and other genres. Each week’s programs are unified by compositions that share a central theme, which might be a composer, a period of history, or a musical form.

Peabody Award-winning broadcaster Bill McGlaughlin is a broadly experienced musician, conductor, and composer. Bill draws on his background, his love of jazz, and his unmatched musical knowledge to connect recorded examples with engaging commentary. McGlaughlin is an affable, yet erudite musical story teller, whose insights speak to both novice and expert classical music fans.

Listeners and program directors have enthusiastically responded to Bill McGlaughlin’s anecdotes and illustrations at the piano, and recently, The Association of Music Personnel in Public Radio (AMPPR) honored Bill McGlaughlin with its Lifetime Achievement Award during the 2011 Public Radio Music Conference. The series is also syndicated internationally, and its universal appeal was recently recognized by listeners in Canberra, Australia, who chose Exploring Music as the recipient of the 2010 Artsound Award for Best Overseas Program. Draw your listeners more fully into the world of classical music and develop new audience members by adding Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin to your program schedule.

“We MADE our fundraising goal for the first time in about four years! Your funders really helped to make the difference as did a flurry of new listeners, the best online pledging we’ve seen, concert tickets from area presenters and donated original artwork for our final day. Our listeners really LOVE Exploring Music, and Bill McGlaughlin’s remarkable breadth of knowledge and topics presented in a highly passionate yet personal style.”

— Kimberly Powell, KUCO, Edmond, OK



Category: Music Appreciation
Duration: 1-hour / 59:00
Frequency: Daily
Availability: 10/02/2023 - 10/01/2024

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  • Host: Bill McGlaughlin
  • Producers: Cydne Gillard, Bill Siegmund
  • Donors:

    Exploring Music is made possible by the generous support of the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation; Helen Zell; the Earl and Brenda Shapiro Family; Mr. and Mrs. William G. Brown; Eugene Jarvis and Sasha Gerritson; the Julian Family Foundation; and WFMT members like you.