The WFMT Radio Network is a non-profit creator, marketer and distributor of audio programs about arts and culture that are made available to radio stations and other platforms around the world. The Network is also:


on classical music programming as a cornerstone of its diverse portfolio which also includes jazz, folk music, poetry, cultural travel, spoken word, and the humanities.


in working in a variety of formats including: concert series, host-driven thematic programs, documentaries, podcasts, modular programs, live concerts, and overnight/hourly hosted music radio services.


in the support of radio stations throughout the United States (with 350+ current main station affiliates) and the world (Network programs are heard in more than 50 countries) by producing and syndicating programs that are culturally and aesthetically relevant, creative, ambitious, unique and highly affordable or at no cost.


Having worked for many decades with some of the most admired arts organizations in the world such as Carnegie Hall, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Edinburgh Festival, Salzburg Festival, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Lyric Opera of Chicago, New York Philharmonic, Poetry Foundation, San Francisco Symphony, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and many others.


through radio partnerships and exchanges with members of the European Broadcasting Union, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and other leading arts radio networks and stations around the world.


to create original programs that provide media partners and listeners with new ways to understand the arts and culture, having developed programs such as Exploring Music, Fiesta!, Relevant Tones, PoetryNow, Taloa, and Shanghai Spring.


to contemporary developments in radio technology, digital media, new talent discovery and listener habits, through partnerships with the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), Third Coast International Audio Festival, AIR, Public Radio Program Directors Conference, the Radio Preservation Task Force and other leading radio organizations.


in a strong sense of tradition and quality, drawing on our five decade history of quality programming and at the forefront of creatively re-using our audio archives such as The Studs Terkel Radio Archive and Exploring Music.


about the future of radio and related platforms and the power of arts audio to engage new audiences and expand the role of culture in society.